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FAB Credit Card

FAB credit card is a convenient and easy way to pay your bills, earn reward points, make payments, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Here, we will briefly look at popular types of FAB credit cards and their benefits and features so you can choose the one that is right for you. So, let’s begin with the FAB bank balance check.

FAB Credit Card

Features & Benefits of FAB Credit Cards

Easy to obtain: Using the FAB app, you can apply for an FAB credit card from your home. FAB is fully digitalized, and you can perform various functions like FAB balance checks and others without going to the bank. Use your Emirates ID to apply for the credit card through FAB’s mobile app, and that’s it. The bank will contact you minutes after you have applied for the card.

A powerful card indeed: With a FAB credit card, you can enjoy many benefits like easy payment plans, quick cash, balance transfer, 0% payment plans, supplementary plans and many others.

Guaranteed security: Credit card fraud and misuse are rampant, but with an FAB credit card, you can take comfort in the fact that it is fully secure. All credit card transactions through your card are fully encrypted and secured under layers of safety protocols.

Other benefits: Other major benefits of the FAB credit card include cashback, reward points and specialized cards to facilitate your travels and meet different lifestyle needs.

Types of FAB Credit Cards

FAB Bank offers the largest selection of credit cards in the UAE. No matter your financial standing, there is a credit card tailored to your needs. Let’s briefly look at some of FAB’s famous credit card types.

Platinum credit cards: They offer a multitude of benefits to their holders. These cards are issued to people in the high-income bracket and provide certain privileges and gifts. They may include discounts, preferential treatment at different establishments, earning loyalty points and several other excellent benefits.

FAB Infinite Credit Cards: It is another popular type of credit card by FAB. They provide extra benefits to holders like free valet parking at hotels, cinemas, restaurants, discounts, VIP services at places like airport lounges, special gift schemes and others.

FAB Travel Cards: If you are a frequent flyer, you will love this card as it is designed for those who travel a lot. You can earn airway miles, travel vouchers, discounted and complimentary hotel stays, exclusive airport transfers, and much more. By collaborating with organizations like Etihad Air, FAB ensures it delivers the maximum value to its customers.

Spend & Save Cards: FAB offers discounts, cashback, and many other benefits through these cards. You earn a cashback on every purchase made through this card that you can later spend and earn more.

Get a FAB Credit Card for Yourself

A FAB credit card is your gateway to convenience, comfort and luxury. You can use it to finance and support your lifestyle and lead a more happening and productive life. If used wisely, a credit card can make a big difference in how you live. So, apply for an FAB credit card and make a rational and financially rewarding decision.


Q: What is a cashback credit card?

A: Cashback credit cards allow you to earn cash from the purchases you make through them. You earn a certain percentage of cash on every purchase, which you can spend later.

Q: What is the minimum income threshold for an FAB credit card?

A: You can get an FAB credit card with a minimum salary of AED 5000.

Q: What are the requirements for an FAB basic credit card?

A: The requirements are rather simple: a minimum income of AED 5000 and proof of nationality/residency.

Q: What are FAB reward points?

A: Reward points are points you earn for using your FAB credit card. The bank provides these points according to a pre-decided ratio and depends on your card’s type.

Q: What is a credit card limit?

A: A credit card limit is the borderline amount beyond which you cannot use your card. Your monthly income determines it.



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