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Top 5 Mistakes Every Developer Makes In Their Early Professional Stage

‌The world is fastly accepting technologies, and its impact on ‌daily lives. Soon, robots will be taking the place of humans in work places.

Mobile app development in dubai refers to the challenging situations where the entire career of the team if questioned!

Yes, you will find a lot of case studies where different app developers face difficulties in their professional life; however, they learn from those mistakes.

There are different stages in the software development lifecycle, however, very few of us know all of the stages in detail.

From the requirement gathering to the design, development, and deployment in the real-time environment – all the features of the application needs to be on point to meet the standards of the industry.

If you’re a newbie into this world of marketing and technologies then, this blog is ideal for you. We will disclose some of the mistakes that every developer makes in their professional career.

Hence, by reading this blog, you will avoid these mistakes, and can develop a much better version of your application.

Sounds like a plan?

Let’s get started then!

Interesting Stats About Mobile App Design and Development

          An average user has more than 50+ applications on their phones. Whereas, most of them are gaming, fitness, or healthcare-related applications.

          Mobile gaming has seen a huge rise in‌ customer behavior.

          Android has 1.5x more applications than iOS on the Google Play Store.

          On an average, more than a thousand applications are launched on the play store.

          75% of ‌users are now using mobile phones for daily conversations, surfing Internet and other related activities.

          Almost 100% of the user’s screen time is spent on their phones.

          More than half of the applications that are seen on the App store are not even downloaded yet.

          Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world.

          Mobile shopping is the future of the world.

          Not even Facebook, TikTok is the future of ‌adults’ app usage.

          Apps have a shorter life span (sad reality)

Mistakes That Every App Developer Make Their Professional Lives

In this section, we are going to list down the interesting scenarios where you will learn about the mistakes app developers do in their early stages of development.

1.Not doing proper research

Nothing can be done without research. Research is the starting hub for delivering exceptional services to the customers.

Mobile development can never be done based on assumptions; if there are developers doing it so, they won’t result in anything but nothing but zero in terms of failure in app designing and development.

Clients who sign up with the business development firm seek ‌perfection as they add value to the company. If they’re investing enough to the company, then, it’s the high-end responsibility of the mobile app development firm to do proper research and learn about the techniques they want to be used.

Modernized technologies like Flutter, Ionic, Swift etc are now widely used for app development. Therefore, the app development company should prefer using these technologies in order to get the best results.

2. Choosing the wrong development framework

If you wish to get the most ideal and interesting MVP, then, it’s necessary for the app development firm or the app developer themselves to choose the right development framework and get started with the app design, and development.

If they choose the wrong app development framework that is not compatible enough to deal with the different phases of design and development then, it results in nothing but failure in customer satisfaction.

It’s necessary to learn about the expectations of the clients, and then get it delivered to the customers.

3. Poor UI/UX of the application

When an app designer sends the application’s wireframes to the development team to proceed with the development. It’s the responsibility of the app developers to check the viability and quality of the app’s design.

A mobile app development company in Qatar, not only understands your unique requirements but checks the quality of the designs delivered.

If it’s detected at the start, then development time is saved. Otherwise, clients usually report these issues once the app is developed and it’s a wastage of time and efforts both.

Therefore, the third mistake app developers make is not checking the quality of the UI/UX design delivered to them for development.

4. Adding a lot of features to the application

The fourth mistake any app developer or app development company does is, adding a lot of features to the application, which make the app look cluttered.

App developers should consider the functional requirements document rather than following their own mindset, and adding features that apply look absurd.

A lot of features will turn the users confused with the application’s overall interface. The application should be so simple that it’s easier for ‌users to understand, and learn about the core features.

5. Poor Testing of the application

App developers always work on the testing phase of the application, where the list of bugs is provided to them by the testers.

However, if they have done the development of each feature properly before the time, then it would have saved the time, and efforts both.

A professional app development company will always look out for these mistakes, and will avoid doing them, again and again.

Wrapping Up – App Development Done Right

We hope you enjoyed reading about the different mistakes that an app designer and developer makes in the early stages of ‌application design and development.

Always do proper research of the app design, and development firm you’re planning to work with, before you make any final decision of working with them.

These mistakes will increase the development time of the application, and you will eventually lose your clients’ trust. Therefore, try to learn from others’ experiences, and never make mistakes that will give you a hard time. Try to save up time, and invest in app design, and development in the right form. Sounds great?

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